Student Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance

Costs of Attendance Budgets are estimates of the educational expenses incurred by students during the nine-month academic year. These budgets include direct university charges (tuition, fees and on campus room and board) and estimates of indirect expenses (transportation, books, supplies, miscellaneous living expenses, and off-campus room and board). Actual College Park tuition and fees can be found by contacting the Office of the Bursar.

Note: Only undergraduate students who are pursuing their studies in business, engineering and computer science will be charged additional tuition based on credit hours. Get additional information and a breakdown of these charges here.

Colleges and programs with non-standard tuition and fees such as College of Information Studies, Office of Advanced Engineering Education, Office of Extended Studies - Professional Programs, Real Estate Development, Robert H. Smith School of Business, School of Public Policy may be different. Please check with the corresponding departments for the Cost of Attendance of their programs.

The standard Cost of Attendance budgets are listed below. For the 2018 -2019 academic year, the estimated Cost of Attendance budgets for undergraduate students will be finalized upon approval by the Board of Regents. The graduate student Cost of Attendance budgets for 2018-2019 have yet to be determined and will be assessed shortly. You may refer to the 2017-2018 graduate student budgets for additional Cost of Attendance information.

2018-2019 Budgets

2018 Summer Term
2018-2019 Undergraduate
2018-2019 Graduate
2018-2019 MBA
2018-2019 Freshmen Connection

2017-2018 Budgets

2017 Summer Term
2017-2018 Undergraduate
2017-2018 Graduate
2017-2018 MBA
2017-2018 Freshmen Connection

2016-2017 Budgets

2016 Summer Term
2016-2017 Undergraduate
2016-2017 Graduate
2016-2017 MBA
2016-2017 Freshmen Connection

2015-2016 Budgets

2015 Summer Term
2015-2016 Undergraduate
2015-2016 Graduate
2015-2016 MBA
2015-2016 Freshmen Connection

2018-2019 Budgets are

2017-2018 Budgets are

2016-2017 Budgets are

2015-2016 Budgets are