Important Dates

When and how you receive your financial aid depends on the type of aid you're receiving and whether you have completed the requirements for receiving your aid.

Financial Aid Offer Notification Dates
  • By March 1 | Incoming fall freshmen, incoming Freshmen Connection participants and fall graduate students.
  • By May 2 | Incoming fall transfer students and continuing juniors and seniors.
  • By June 5 | Continuing freshmen and sophomores.
  • By November 1 | Incoming spring transfer students.


Scholarship Application Deadlines
Miscellaneous Dates
  • January 1 | The University of Maryland's FAFSA priority consideration deadline.
  • April 1 | The 2019-2020 Federal PLUS Loan application becomes available online.
  • May 1 | The national deadline for newly admitted students to confirm their enrollment and submit their enrollment deposit.
  • October 1 | The FAFSA form becomes available online at