Student Financial Aid

Information for Online MBA Student

The Online MBA program has 4 start dates (January, April, July and September) and spans 2 or 3 "financial aid years".

The financial aid year, defined for each start date, is shown below. A FAFSA will need to be filed for each financial aid year.

In this example, for the 21 month program, the total unsubsidized Direct Loan eligibility is $41,000. This would be allocated over the 2 or 3 financial aid years as follows.

Start SummerFallWinterSpring
1st financial aid year------$5,125$5,125
2nd financial aid year$5,125$5,125$5,125$5,125
3rd financial aid year$10,250---------
1st financial aid year---------$10,250
2nd financial aid year$5,125$5,125$5,125$5,125
3rd financial aid year$5,125$5,125------
1st financial aid year$5,125$5,125$5,125$5,125
2nd financial aid year$5,125$5,125$10,250---
1st financial aid year---$5,125$5,125$10,250
2nd financial aid year$5,125$5,125$5,125$5,125

The information mentioned above is an example to illustrate financial aid disbursements. This table does not include all financial aid awards that are available for graduate students. If additional assistance is needed, please view the Types of Loan Programs available on the financial aid website.