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Financial Literacy

It is important to be an educated consumer in order to make the most of what you have.

This site will discuss basic skills you need to be financially literate as you make important financial decisions concerning:

  • Budgeting: How to set-up and follow a budget
  • Borrowing: What is my credit score? Do I need to a credit card?
  • Maintenance of credit: What is identity theft and how to prevent it?
  • Spending: Money management tips
  • Savings and Investing: How to choose and manage your bank account

Financial decisions impact your future. To help plan a successful one, use iGrad to learn about better spending and student loan borrowing decisions.

iGrad provides interactive tools on financial literacy and planning, designed to help you gain skills and knowledge on the student loan process, good credit decisions and preparation for the future. In just 30 seconds, you can create a profile and start seeing content customized to fit your needs. Utilize iGrad's full library of resources including short video presentations, webinars, educational games, calculators, a job and internship search tool, and current, relevant articles on a wide array of financial topics.

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Disclaimer: This site should not be considered authoritative financial advice. Your circumstances are unique and you may want to consult a financial advisor. If you have any questions, please contact a Financial Aid counselor.