Student Financial Aid

EMBA Student Loans for Spring Session Start

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) becomes available October 1 each calendar year for the upcoming academic year. Students starting in the Spring session will need to complete the version of the FAFSA for the current academic year.

The Executive MBA program spans two academic years. With the current Spring semester acting as one year and the upcoming Fall and Spring serving as the second. Students who start their program in the Spring session will want to complete two (2) FAFSA applications. One for the Spring and one for the upcoming Fall & Spring terms.

An academic year is made up of Fall and Spring semesters. If you start your program in the Spring the Office of Student Financial aid will be able to allocate your Direct eligibility into that one term since this will serve as your entire academic year (assuming that a student has not received any Direct eligibility at another institution during the previous Fall semester).

For the purposes of the second academic year in which you will be enrolled in the program your Direct eligibility will be split into two equal disbursements over the Fall and Spring semesters. It will be important to budget for this when figuring the cost of your program during your enrollment. For an example of how a disbursement schedule would look click here.


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