Student Financial Aid

Important Dates

2017 FWS Summer Work Period is May 28, 2017 - August 19, 2017

2017-2018 FWS Fall/Spring Work Period is August 20, 2017 - May 26, 2018

Orientation Dates

Friday, June 9, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm Tydings Hall Rm. 0102

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm Tydings Hall Rm. 0102

Thursday, June 22, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm Tydings Hall Rm. 0102

Friday, July 12, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm Tydings Hall Rm. 0102

Tools to Monitor your Allocation

How many students can I hire?
How much do I have left?

FWS tools will require macros to be enabled on your computer. Instructions for downloading and enabling the macros can be viewed here.

Recruiting Prospective FWS Student Employees

Primary Recruitment Tool

Online job listings are your primary method for hiring FWS students, so please provide detailed and accurate information. The sections below outline how to activate/post, deactivate, and reactivate job listings on our webpage.

FWS Job Listing Maintenance

You are responsible for maintaining your job listing throughout the hiring process and activating / deactivating jobs listings accordingly to keep the FWS Job website current. At the end of each FWS period (i.e., fall/spring and summer) the FWS office will deactivate and archive all job listings. As such, you must activate or reactivate your FWS job listing at the start of each new award period.

How to Activate/Post a FWS Job Listing

You may activate or deactivate job listings throughout the academic year by completing the electronic FWS Job listing form.

To activate a job, make changes to an existing position, or to list a job for the first time, you will be required to complete the entire job listing form. Please be as specific as possible when completing the listed fields - pay close attention to grammar, spelling and avoid abbreviations and acronyms.

Allow 2-3 days for job listings to be posted. At peak times, it may take 3-5 days. An email will be sent to you to confirm that the job listing was posted. This email will include a link to the newly posted job and it is your responsibility to review it for accuracy. You may reply directly to the confirmation email or complete an additional job listing form online if changes are needed.

How to Reactivate a FWS Job Listing

You can reactivate a job listing by completing and submitting the top section of the job listing form. Please complete all fields, provide your department's correct FWS account number and submit the request.

How to Deactivate a FWS Job Listing

Once the position is filled, you should request that the job listing be deactivated through the job listing form. Please complete the top section of the job listing form, select the deactivate bullet, scroll to the end of the form and click 'Submit'. Please allow 2-3 days for the request to be processed.

Secondary Recruitment Tools

Independent Departmental Hiring

You may also recruit eligible FWS student employees through other advertising methods (i.e. Diamondback ads, flyers, email newsletters or other marketing initiatives). When pursuing these other options, you should specify 'FWS Only' in advertisements if your job posting will only consider FWS applicants.

Job Fair

The University Career Center hosts two job fairs related to work study: the September Part-Time Job Fair and the December Holiday Employment and Spring Job Fair.

Participating in job fairs is highly encouraged as this will assist you in filling your FWS and non-FWS student positions. Job fairs provide excellent opportunities to meet and interview a large number of prospective FWS employees at one convenient time. For more information please contact the University Career Center at 301-314-7225.